I don't have all my winnings?

Have you expected some returns and only received a return less than you were expecting? There could be a number of possible reasons why returns will not be as high as expected - please read on for some examples:

Dead Heat

Your selection or selection(s) could have been involved in a 'Dead Heat'. A Dead Heat is when two or more selections are deemed as joint winners of an event. For a full breakdown of Dead Heat Rules, please click here

Rule 4

Your selection or selection(s) could have been subject to a 'Rule 4'. A Rule 4 deduction is predominantly applied to Horse Racing bets to compensate for the later withdrawal of one of the runners of a race. For a full breakdown of Rule 4 and it's application, please click here

'Perm' Betting Returns

If placing multiple bets less than the total number of your selections, e.g. selecting 'Doubles' when you've selected 3 selections, this is known as a 'perm' or permutation bet. If all selections in the bet have not won, this can also affect your winnings. For a full breakdown of Perm Betting rules, please click here

Non Runners or Void Selections

If your bet contains a selection or selection(s) that do not take part in the stated event, or the circumstances behind the event have changed, they may be declared as 'Void' or a 'Non Runner'. To check whether this is the case, please consult the rules for the market you've placed the bet on using the 'Search', 'Find an answer' or 'Rules' tabs above. Our Non Runner rules as well as how multiple bets are affected are also available here

Each Way Terms

If your bet is an each way Horse Racing multiple, i.e. Each Way Treble, Each Way Lucky 15 etc., please be aware that place terms are determined on the total runners coming 'under starter's orders' - not the total runners when the bet was struck. For details on our Horse Racing rules click here and our Each Way betting rules are also available here


On a small number of occasions, a result may have been entered incorrectly for a selection. If you've checked the Rules of the particular market your bet has been placed on and believe the result has been entered incorrectly, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to look into it for you.

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