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Why do I need to verify my account?

As a responsible operator, and in line with our compliance policies and procedures, we check every account that's opened with us to verify the identity of the account holder and make sure they're 18 years old or over. If this verification process is successful, you'll be able to access your account from the word go without any contact from us about it.

Verifyng your age and identity is a requirement of our licensing conditions under the UK Gambling Commission.

However, even if you are old enough to have an account with us, occasionally our verification check will be inconclusive. In these circumstances we need additional information or documentation to verify your account.

Depending on the level of information that's required we may take steps to restrict your account until these checks have been satisfactorily completed. This may mean that you can continue to make deposits and place bets or play games for a short period of time, however until we've been able to successfully verify your account you'll be unable to withdraw any funds.

If the verification process is unsuccessful and we need some addtional information we'll let you know.

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Why have I failed the verification check?

The automatic check we have in place cross-references details with a variety of sources such as the electoral roll, births index, mortality index etc.

On occasion, details on these sources can be out-of-date or details entered on registration can have slight errors in them. If this is the case we need additional information to assist us to verify your account.

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How can I verify my account?

If we've been unable to verify your identity in full automatically we'll contact you with details of what you need to do to verify. In addtion you'll also be presented with messages when you log in.

In such cases we would require you to send either your Driving Licence, Passport or Birth Certificate. If you choose to use a Passport or Birth Certificate we'll also need to see a utility bill or bank statement dated within 3 months to confirm your address.

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I don't have a Driving Licence, Passport or Birth certificate, what can I do?

If you don't have these details, please get in touch and we'll look into it further for you. In the rare case where we can't resolve this for you after you've contacted us, we'd ask you to send in copies of certain documents to prove your details.

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Where do I send my documents to?

Please send them through to us at

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What happens if I don't upload my documents?

If we request documents from you but don't receive them within the specified timeframe, your account may be temporarily suspended until we can fully verify your details. This means that you will not be able to deposit, withdraw or place any bets on your account until we have been able to verify your details

You can email your documents for review to, this will be processed by our safer gambling team within 48 hours of receipt

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