Account Verification

As a responsible operator, and in line with our compliance policies and procedures, we check every account that's opened with us to verify the identity of the account holder and make sure they're 18 years old or over.

How do I verify?

As part of our Know Your Customer “KYC” process we now require some further documentation from you:

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Please send these in to us using the 'Contact Us' method below, chosing 'Verification / Documents' as the reason, and upload your documents there. Alternitvaly, please send your documents to ""

If we do not receive the documentation requested within 30 days of receiving communication from us, we will have no choice but to take restrictive action and suspend your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to verify?   How long will it take to verify my account?   What happens if I don't send my documents?   How do I verify?  

Why do I need to verify?

As an operator based in Great Britain we are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and have a responsibility to get to know all our customers. This includes the verification of customer details and this is an ongoing requirement.

We also undertake this check to make sure all account holders are above 18 years old

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How long will it take to verify my account?

It may take up to 48hours for our secuirty team to review your documents and verify your account

If, for any reason, we cannot accept a document that you send in, we may have to request further documentation

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What happens if I don't send my documents?

If we don't receive documents within 30 days of you receiving communication from us, we will suspend your account from all activity

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