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Kicking off on Monday 29th May, each week you qualify for Sky Bet Club you'll get an added bonus (on top of your £5 FREE bet), which will be credited to your account on Monday 31st July.

Offer Summary

Every week you qualify for the Sky Bet Club promotion we'll give you an additional bonus on top of your £5 free bet. Please read the below key points

  • Make sure you are opted in to the Sky Bet Club Promotion. (You can opt in by pressing this link)
  • During the first week, if you qualify for Sky Bet Club, we will give you a big £10 bonus to start building (Monday 5th June)
  • Thereafter, each week you qualify for Sky Bet Club we will add £2.50 to your bonus builder
  • The highest possible bonus you can earn is £30
  • The last week to earn a bonus on top of the Sky Bet Club is Monday 24th July - Sunday 30th July
  • Your bonus will be unlocked and credited on Monday 31st July
  • If you do not qualify for Sky Bet Club on any week, you will not receive a bonus for that week

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What is the maximum I can earn?

You can earn a maximum bonus amount of £30. Please find the breakdwon below:

  • Week 1 - £10 bonus
  • Week 2-9 - £2.50 bonus

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When is my free bet credited?

Free bets will be credited on Monday 31st July

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How will my free bet be credited?

The free bet will be credited in £5 increments, if you miss a week you will receive £5 free bets and £2.50 free bet to the value of your bonus. Please see examples below

Bonus Builder Accumulated Crediting
£30 (max) 6x £5 free bets
£27.50 5x £5 free bets & 1x £2.50 free bet
£25 5x £5 free bets
£22.50 4x £5 free bets & 1x £2.50 free bet
£20 4x £5 free bets
£17.50 3x £5 free bets & 1x £2.50 free bet
£15 3x £5 free bets
£12.50 2x £5 free bets & 1x £2.50 free bet
£10 2x £5 free bets

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What if I miss a week of Sky Bet Club?

Don't worry if you miss a week, you will still be in the bonus builder promotion. However you will not receive the bonus amount for that week.

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When do my free bets expire?

When free bets are credited on Monday 31st July, free bets will expire after 7 days.

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