Declined Payments

Please read the following for assistance on declined payments.

Why has my deposit been declined?

Unfortunately, when a deposit is declined we are not provided with a reason from your card or e-wallet issuer. However, you can follow these short steps to ensure your payment is processed correctly:

Do we have the correct details?

A common cause for declined payments is the incorrect details being sent to your bank. Using the Manage Payment Methods screen, clicking the View/Edit link next to the payment method will allow you to check the details. Do the card numbers you can see match your card? Do the Start and Expiry dates match?

As a portion of the card is blanked out for security, you can also safely attempt to add the card details again using the Deposit funds using a new payment method function (maximum pay method limits permitting). If you enter the same details again they will simply overwrite the old ones and allow you to attempt again.

Have you entered the correct CV2?

Make sure the 3 digit code on the back of your card matches the one you've entered. If the codes do not match your bank will not authorise the funds.

Is the card in date?

Ensure the Expiry date of your card has not elapsed. If this is the case use the Deposit funds using a new payment method function to add your new card details.

Is this the first time you have used the card?

On a small number of cases, your issuing bank may prevent you using the card with a new online retailer for the first time. A quick call to your bank should resolve this issue.

Does your Credit Card issuer allow betting or gaming transactions?

Again, a small number of Credit Card issuers do not permit their users to deposit into gaming operators. Your bank's website may reveal if this is the case or alternatively, contact them via telephone to confirm.

Are enough funds available?

Finally, ensure you attempt to deposit only the funds which are available to you. Larger amounts can be declined by your issuer.

If you have confirmed these details are all correct we would advise you to contact your bank or card issuer to clarify what the issue is - they'll be happy to look into it for you.

Declined E-Wallet Deposits

A failed deposit from an e-wallet such as PayPal could be due to a number of reasons with your e-wallet account. Similar to Debit/Credit cards, for data protection reasons we unfortunately aren't given an explanation as to why your deposit fails - we can only advise that you contact your e-wallet provider for further information.

Declined Withdrawals

Please Note: Due to a recent change in banking scheme rules, withdrawals to Maestro cards are now subject to a €5,000 (or currency equivalent) limit and any amount over this will be declined. This has been implemented by Maestro and we ask that you take this into consideration when withdrawing funds. If you would like to arrange an alternative payment method to return your funds, please contact us via the contact us tab at the top of the page.

A failed withdrawal to either a card or e-wallet could be due to a number of reasons. We ask in these circumstances for you to contact us and we will be happy to investigate the reasons behind the decline.

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