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Please find below details of our Football rules regarding specials markets. An example of a special market would be our Next Manager To Go or Player X to Sign for Team Y markets

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Player Specials

We offer a wide range of topical markets on Players currently in the public eye. Amongst others, these can include:

Debut Specials

You're betting on: whether one of the stated eventualities will occur during the stated player's debut, e.g. Scores on Debut, Booked on Debut etc.

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Player X Under/Over League Goals

You're betting on: whether the total number of league goals a nominated player scores over the season is above or below the stated total

  • Official League result will be used to determine settlement
  • Goals in other competitions will not count

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Fantasy Six-A-Side Top Points Scorer

You're betting on: Which player will score the most Fantasy Six-A-Side points in that weeks named fixture.

  • If the player does not take part in the match, bets on that player will be void. If the player takes part in the match, bets will stand.
  • Where two players score the same points in the game week dead heat rules will apply

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Transfer Specials

Player X To Sign For Team Y In Summer/January Window

You're betting on: whether the stated player will sign for the nominated club during the Summer or January Transfer Window

  • Loan deals WILL count unless otherwise stated
  • If the player fails to move club within the specified window, all bets placed on the player to stay at his current club will be winners, all other bets will be settled as losers
  • Although every effort will be made to quote all potential new clubs, should a club not quoted sign the specified player all bets will stand.
  • In cases where it is unclear whether a deal has been completed before a deadline, we reserve the right to delay settlement until official confirmation has been received from governing bodies.
  • If a player retires or moves clubs to become a manager or coach, all bets will be void.
  • The player must belong and be registered to the club in question before the specified time frame ends. Pre contracts or other similar agreements that signal business to be completed at a date later than specified will not count.
  • Academy or Youth teams transfers will not count for the purposes of transfer specials.

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Match Specials

You can choose from a wide range of Match Specials covering a variety of possibilities occuring in a particular match. These can include such markets as Team X to score Y number of goals in 1st Half, Team Z to score in 1st 10 mins etc. amongst many others. Any specific conditions to these markets will be notified with the green '?' tool tip icon available above the market list.

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Manager Specials

Next Permanent Manager

You're betting on: who will be appointed the next permanent manager of a club/country

  • Others available on request
  • Every effort will be made to quote all potential new managers for the market, but should a manager not quoted be appointed, all bets will stand.
  • Caretaker and interim managers will not count unless they complete at least 10 competitive games and they will then be deemed the permanent manager.
  • Should a club appoint a director of football this will not count in the settlement of permanent manager markets.
  • In the event that a club change the structure of their management team and do not call the appointed individual first team manager, SkyBet will settle the market on the individual who is responsible for selecting the first team. In the event of any ambiguity over the appointment, SkyBet may determine using its reasonable discretion how to settle the market based on all the information available to it at the relevant time.

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Next Manager to Leave

You're betting on: which of the listed managers will be the next to leave their post

  • Gardening Leave will not count towards settlement.

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