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Sky Bet Promotional Codes

What is a promotional code?

A promotional code entitles the entrant to either a free bet or an ongoing offer currently running.

How do I get a promotional code?

Promotional codes can be obtained either on registration, through an email, letter or text or through the Promotions pages available on-site:

How do I enter a promotional code?

The promotional codes page can be found a number of ways:

  • Through visiting the 'My Account' area and selecting the 'Promotions' tab
  • Visiting the 'Enter your code' link contained on an email invitation
  • Clicking the 'Free Bets' or 'Bonuses' link across the menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Using the 'Promotional Codes' button within the 'More' section of Sky Bet Mobile

Please note that you must be logged in to enter a promotional code

Why won't it accept my promotional code?

A number of promotions are restricted to select groups of customers only. Please ensure you have met the Terms and Conditions of the promotion before redeeming your code.

Also, your code may be what is known as a 'Bingo Bonus Code'. These codes are slightly different and need to be entered under 'Bonus/Promos' in the Bingo Lobby. Further details will always be included in any correspondence you receive or additional information on how to enter can be found here

I've entered my code but nothing's happened?

Some offers require further action before they are credited. For example, a Sky Vegas offer may only credit if certain wagering requirements are met. These will be detailed in the Terms and Conditions of the offer or may displayed on the Promotions page of My Account.

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