Withdrawing Funds

    It's easy to send funds back to your registered payment method. Just follow the steps below and the money will be back in your account within 2 to 5 working days - or within the day if withdrawing to an e-wallet (PayPal etc.)

    How long do withdrawals take?

    Withdrawals to debit or credit cards take 2 to 5 bank working days to process. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the banks in this regard and cannot do anything to speed up this process. As an alternative, withdrawals to e-wallets such as PayPal are usually processed within the day.

    To give an indication of when you should expect to receive your withdrawal to a card, please consult the below table:

    Withdrawal Day Earliest Receive Day* Latest Receive Day*
    Monday Wednesday Following Monday
    Tuesday Thursday Following Tuesday
    Wednesday Friday Following Wednesday
    Thursday Following Monday Following Thursday
    Friday Following Tuesday Following Friday
    Saturday Following Tuesday Following Friday
    Sunday Following Tuesday Following Friday

    *Please note that the above timescales are given as estimations. In a small number of cases, these timescales can be extended due to factors outside our control, e.g. incorrect expiry dates, old card details etc.

    How to withdraw funds

    To withdraw funds, firstly make sure you are logged in using your User ID and PIN.

    1. Either click on the 'Withdraw Funds' link on the top left-hand side of any page (online) or go to your personal account area called My Account and choose the Withdraw option (online and mobile)
    2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
    3. Select which payment method you wish to withdraw to. (If you wish to withdraw excess funds, make sure your net deposit for each payment method on your account is zero or below)
    4. Click on the 'Withdraw Funds' button

    Payment methods which do not accept withdrawals

    A small number of credit cards - including international MasterCards and Visa cards issued in a restricted country (as well as certain UK credit cards) - do not allow us to pay funds back to your card. If you are using one of these cards you will be notified when you attempt to make a withdrawal and if this is the case we can arrange for your funds to be paid back to the bank account of your choice.

    However, to minimise the risk of card fraud we may also request some documentary proof from you before a bank transfer can be processed. These proofs will be confirmed to you upon organising the transfer.

    You can only withdraw to an e-wallet if the e-wallet is already set up on your account (please be advised that this requires a deposit to be made)

    Withdrawing Funds FAQs

    What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

    The minimum withdrawal is £10 or currency equivalent.

    Can I cancel or reverse a withdrawal?

    Once processed, withdrawals cannot be cancelled or reversed. If made to incorrect or out of date details, please contact us to discuss next steps you can take

    What is the maximum amount I can withdraw per day?

    We place no restriction on the amount you can withdraw per day. However your bank/card provider may have restrictions.

    Is there a charge for making a withdrawal?

    There is no charge for withdrawals to e-wallets, UK debit or credit cards or to international Visa cards issued in non-restricted countries.

    Can I withdraw to a different card?

    Providing that the 'Net Deposits' of your cards/e-wallets have been cleared - and the new destination for your funds is registered in your name - funds can be withdrawn to alternative cards. Please use the 'Withdraw using another payment method' button beneath your current method on the Withdraw Funds page.

    It's been over 5 days and I haven't received my withdrawal?

    In this scenario we would advise checking the card details the withdrawal has been made to. If any of the details are incorrect, the withdrawal will be bounced back and can take an additional 2 to 5 bank working days to reach us. If this is not the case, please get in touch using the 'Contact us' option at the top of the page.