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Motor Racing Rules

Whether you like your Motor Sports on 2 wheels or 4, you'll find a wide range of markets available on Sky Bet. From Moto GP and World Superbikes to World Rally Championship (WRC) and British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), you'll find all the rules contained below.

Please note: Formula 1 bets are governed by the Formula 1 Betting Rules available here.

Outright Championship Betting

You're betting on: a driver or team winning the championship over the course of the sport's season.

  • Bets on both Drivers World Championship and Constructors World Championship markets will stand even if your selection does not compete.
  • Bets will be settled according to the official Championship result at the podium presentation of the final event of the season. Subsequent disqualifications and amended results do not count.

Qualifying/Pole Position Betting

You're betting on: whether a driver will be the fastest qualifier, qualify on front row, qualify ahead of a named opponent (Match Betting) etc.

  • Markets will be settled on the official qualifying results as taken from the governing body, regardless of any demotions or penalties applied subsequently.
  • In qualifying match betting, if either driver fails to begin a qualifying lap, then all bets on that match-up will be void.
  • In BTCC, all qualifying bets will apply to the official qualifying session only.
Race Betting

Race Winner

You're betting on: whether a driver will win the race

  • Any driver who does not start the warm-up lap prior to the race will be deemed as a non-runner and bets on that particular driver will be settled as void.
  • The start of the race will be deemed as the beginning of the formation lap with any driver opting to start from the pit-lane also deemed to be a starter
  • All bets will be settled on the result at the end of the race, with the podium presentation deemed the official weigh-in for betting purposes. Subsequent disqualifications and amended results do not count.
  • In Rallying Betting, any driver not starting the first stage of the main event and who has played no part in shake-down will be treated as a non-runner and bets on that selection will be void. Drivers who complete shake-down but do not start the first stage will be losers.

Winning Margin

You're betting on: whether the winning margin will be above or below a stated total

  • Settlement will be according to timings provided by the official governing body.

Fastest Lap

You're betting on: which driver will post the fastest lap

  • Settlement will be on the driver who sets the fastest single lap of the race.
  • Any driver who sets his fastest lap on their final lap, following the leader winning the race, will still be eligible to win this market.

Match Bets

You're betting on: which driver will achieve the highest race placing

  • If both drivers fail to complete the race, the driver completing the most laps (or stages if Rallying) will be deemed the winner.
  • If both drivers retire on the same lap (or at the same stage if Rallying) or if either driver does not start the race, then bets on both will be void.

Total Finishers

You're betting on: the number of drivers that finish the race

  • Settled will be determined on the total number of classified finishers according to the official results.
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