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How to check your Account History

Sidebar Account History

These instructions are relevant for any customer on the following sites:

  • Sky Bet
  • Sky Bet Mobile
  • Sky Vegas
  • Sky Vegas Mobile
  • Sky Casino
  • Sky Casino Mobile
  • Sky Poker Mobile
  • Sky Bingo Mobile

To access search, select the 'Account History' option after pressing your balance in the top-right. Use the Betting, Gaming or Banking transactions followed by the 'Filter my bets' or 'Filter transactions' drop-down to select your search criteria.


Other Account History

These instructions are relevant for any customer on the following sites:

  • Sky Poker Desktop  

To access search, click on 'My Account' in the top left-hand corner of the page (when you're logged in). If you scroll down the new page, you'll see your last 10 transactions. Just above this is the search function.

Select your search criteria and hit 'Quick History Search'. You'll soon see your results and if you click on a transaction, you can then see it in more detail.


If you click 'Advanced History Search' you'll be able to search by even more options including deposits and withdrawals, settled or unsettled bets and by Vegas games.

Last 10 Account Transactions Please note that the Amount column in the last 10 account transactions table - the first table seen when visiting the My Account area - reflects changes to your balance, not winnings from individual transactions. E.g. If the transaction is a bet, the amount will be a minus figure for a losing bet, or a positive figure for a winning one. The positive figure will be the net profit from the bet in question, i.e. winnings minus the original stake. Clicking into the bet receipt itself will display the full winnings for the bet.

Can I delete my account history?

Unfortunately, account history information cannot be deleted.

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